Diao Research Group


Reahman Afshar (’18)
Spring ’15 - Spring ’16

Kurtis Niemeyer (’17)
Spring ’15 - Fall ’15

Undergraduate Students

Ge Qu

Ge joined us in Fall 2014, after obtaining her Bachelor degree from University of Minnesota.  Ge is working on controlling crystallization of conjugated polymers via colloidal chemistry and directed assembly.

Email: gequ3@illinois.edu

Erfan Mohammadi

Erfan joined us in Fall 2014. He obtained his Bachelor degree from Sharif University of Technology. Erfan is working on understanding and control of microstructure evolution in printed electronics.

Email: emohmmd2@illinois.edu

Hyunjoong(Tim) Chung

Tim joined us in Fall 2014. He  is a Cooper Union alum (’12). Tim is working on deciphering polymorphism and solid-state phase transitions of organic semiconductors. Tim likes to play basketball and soccer in his free time.

Email: chung11@illinois.edu

Doctoral Students

Postdoctoral Scholar

Fengjiao Zhang

Fengjiao joined us in Fall 2015. She obtained her PhD from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academe of Science. Her project is mesoporous organic electronics for health monitoring and medical diagnosis.

Email: fzha@illinois.edu

Google scholar profile, CV

Justin Kwok

Justin joined us in Fall 2015. He graduated from University of Southern California. Justin focuses on developing printing methods to implement fluid-directed assembly of conjugated polymers.

Email: jjkwok2@illinois.edu

Daniel Davies

Daniel joined us in Fall 2016, after obtaining his Bachelor degree from University of Iowa. His thesis will answer the fundamental question that how metastable polymorphs form and how to control their transformations.

Email: dwdavie2@illinois.edu

Prapti Kafle

Prapti joined us in Fall 2016, after completing a chemistry & math double major at Connecticut College. Her work focuses on understanding crystal polymorphism and inventing new printing methods for pharmaceuticals.

Email: pkafle2@illinois.edu

Bijal Patel

Bijal joined us in Fall 2016. He received his Bachelor degree from the University of Texas at Austin. His research is on the topic of additive manufacturing for wearable electronics, with a fundamental focus on interfacial phenomenon.

Email: bbpatel2@illinois.edu

Kyung Sun Park

Kyung joined us since Spring 2017. She obtained her PhD from Hanyang University in Korea. She works on printing of conjugated polymers and understanding morphology transitions.

Email: kyspark@hanyang.ac.kr

Weikun Zhu (’18)
Joined Spring 2017

Steven Chan (’18)
Joined Spring 2017

Samdisha Punjani (’18)
Joined Spring 2017

Nicole Jugovich (’20)
Joined Fall 2017

Michelle Brown (’20)
Joined Fall 2017


Yifu Zhang (’17)
Spring ’15 - Fall ’16

Rebecca Boehning (’17)
Spring ’15 - Spring ’17

Adam Lui (’17)
Summer ’15 - Spring ’16

Spring 2017

Tian Ren (’18) (visiting)
Summer 2017


Master students

Julian Fanghanel

Julian joined us in Summer 2017. He received his Bachelor degree from the UNAM, and is currently pursuing M.S. in MatSE at UIUC. His research is on novel crystallization techniques.

Email: julainf2@illinois.edu

Sang Kyu Park

Sang joined us in Fall 2017. He obtained his PhD from Seoul National University in Korea. His research focuses on stimulus-structure-property relationships of organic semiconductors.

Email: killa13@snu.ac.kr