I am among those who think that science has great beauty. A scientist in the lab ... is also a child placed before natural phenomena which impress him/her like a fairy tale.
If I see anything vital around me, it is precisely that spirit of adventure, which seems indestructible and is akin to curiosity.
Madame Curie

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May 2021

Congratulations to Ying for her promotion to Associate Professor with indefinite teunre! Her promotion comes with an Campus Distinguished Promotion Award from the Provost office and the title of I. C. Gunsalus scholar from LAS.

April 2021

Congratulations to Daniel for winning the MRS Best Poster Award! Danny is the first to win this award from our group! Keep up the great job! Check out the MRS homepage here.

April 2021

Congratulations to Bijal, Daniel, Prapti, and Zhuang for being awarded LAS Impact Award for “3D printing facemasks for frontline workers during the medical supply shortage”! Read more at LAS homepage.

April 2021

Congratulations to Gonzalo for the acceptance of his first paper from our group by Crystal Growth & Design! The paper is entitled “Enhancing Single-Crystal Dichroism of an Asymmetric Azo Chromophore by Perfluorophenyl Embraces and Boron Coordination”.  Read the paper online here.

April 2021

Congratulations to Zhuang for being selected for the highly competitive National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering to be held virtually from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory this summer!

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