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    ** Highlighted on the Device journal cover.

    ** Highlighted by IlliniNews, SpaceDaily, DailyIllini, etc.
    “Revolutionizing plant growth: UI scientists leap toward outer-space farming” 03/24/2024
    “Study brings scientists a step closer to successfully growing plants in space” 03/14/2024

    **Highlighted by Astronomy
    “it’s hard to grow food in space. These sensors can help” 04/01/2024

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    ** Highlighted by NCSUNews, EurekAlert!,, etc.
    “Printed polymer allows researchers to explore chirality and spin interactions at room temperature” 03/15/2024

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    ** Highlighted on the PNAS journal cover.

    ** Highlighted by c&en.
    “Printable polymer with tunable structural color” 02/26/2024

    ** Highlighted by Forbes.
    “Multi-Color Printing With Just One Ink Opens The Door To New Materials” 02/20/2024

    ** Highlighted by BeckmanInstitute, EurekAlert!,, etc.
    “Chameleons inspire new multicolor 3D-printing technology” 02/19/2024


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      ** Featured by University of Illinois, EurekAlert!, ScienceDaily, Phys.Org, Materials Today, etc.
      “Researchers identify unexpected twist while developing new polymer-based semiconductors”, 11/14/2023

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     **Editorial article for the themed collection of “Molecular assembly of organic electronics”.

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     **Invited for Chemical Review Thematic Issue – Emerging Materials for Optoelectronics.

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     ** Invited for the “Rising Stars” Series

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     ** Selected to be featured as an ACS Editors’ Choice Article

     ** Listed among “most read articles” of the journal

     ** Invited Front Cover

[91] Patel, B.B.; Walsh, D.J.; Patel, K.; Kim D.H.; Kwok, J.J.; Guironnet G.; Diao, Y. “Rapid, Interface-Driven Domain Orientation in Bottlebrush Diblock Copolymer Films During Thermal Annealing”. Soft Matter, 2022, 18, 1666-1677. DOI:10.1039/D1SM01634B

      **Invited for the Soft Matter Emerging Investigators Special Issue

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     ** Invited perspective

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     ** Highlighted by Materials Research Laboratory, ScienceDaily etc.
     “Automated synthesis allows for discovery of unexpected charge transport behavior in organic mole-cules”, 05/03/2022

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     ** Highlighted by Beckman Institute, EurekAlert!, ScienceDaily etc.
     “Power up: New polymer property could boost accessible solar power”, 06/02/2022


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    * Selected for the 2021 JCP Emerging Investigators Special Collection

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** Highlighted on journal cover, 06/02/2021,

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** Highlighted on Illinois HomepageEurekAlert!Phys.orgScienceDaily etc. “Researchers mimic nature for fast, colorful 3D printing” 06/10/2020

** Highlighted on Science Advances front page as an online rotator featuring paper. “3D printing structure color – a custom designed 3D printing platform tunes structure color” 06/12/2020

** Featured on the front page of the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Lab as a Science Highlight. “Mimicking Nature for Fast, Colorful 3-D Printing” 06/17/2020

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** Highlighted by Beckman Institute News, EurekAlert!, Science Daily,, etc. “Designing flexible and stretchable single crystal electronic systems” 05/13/2020

** Featured by Materials Today. “Organic crystal could stretch to electronics applications” 05/26/2020

** Selected as a “Hot Paper” by the Angewandte Chemie editors.

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**Highlighted on Illinois homepage and by EurekAlert!, ScienceDaily etc. “Researchers repurpose failed cancer drug into printable semiconductor” 10/02/2019

**Featured by the National Science Foundation in their research news. 10/09/2019

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**Highlighted on Illinois homepage, EurekAlert!Science DailyPhys.orgthe Engineer etc.Printing flattens polymers, improving electrical and optical properties” 08/09/2019

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** Highlighted on Illinois homepage, EurekAlert!, Science Daily, R&D magazine,, the Engineer etc. Shape-shifting organic crystals use memory to improve plastic electronics” 01/25/2018

** Top 50 most read Nature Communications physics articles published in 2018

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