Current Projects

We are looking for highly motivated researchers with collaborative spirit to join our adventures! Our research crosscuts multiple disciplines – molecular sciences, directed assembly, polymer processing, additive manufacturing and device engineering. We welcome candidates from any related disciplines to apply to our lab! Details regarding each positions might vary from time to time. If you are interested, please reach out to Dr. Diao for further information!

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who are interested in joining our research team are encouraged to contact Dr. Diao directly via email with a resume including GPA, contact information, and a discription of relevant coursework/project work to inquire for available position/project openings.

Graduate Students

We are looking for 3 highly motivated graduate students for Fall 2022 semester to join the group. Each students will be working on (1) Understanding the assembly pathway of conjugated polymers,
(2) Autonomous 3D printing of structure color, and
(3) Autonomous discovery of functional molecules. Please refer to the research page for description on these research themes.

Postdoc Scholars

Postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Diao directly via email with a CV, contact information, and a description of research interests to inquire for the available projects.

Open Positions

We are recruiting several undergraduate students for a project of understanding structure-processing-property relationship of solution-processed organic electronic devices using data-science approaches. The students will be mainly responsible for mining existing data in our group to generate a database which will be used to establish the relationship between material structure, processing conditions, and device properties. Such data mining efforts have proven incredibly powerful to advancing chemical sciences by incorporating “dark data” in model predictions! See article below. In this project, we are particularly interested in applying the data science approach to organic electronic device research rather than chemical reactions.
See related article: https://www.haverford.edu/college-communications/news/team-haverford-faculty-and-students-publish-nature
This project will run from Spring 2023 through Spring 2024.
  • Students in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Materials Science preferred but not required
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5/4.0
  • Previous laboratory experience is not required
  • Students from communities underrepresented in science strongly encouraged to apply!
To apply, please email your resume to 
Azzaya Khasbaatar, Graduate Student
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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